Everything needs cleaning once in a while, but with the never-ending list, it’s no surprise that a few things are overlooked. Here are 10 things you should be cleaning regularly and how often you should be cleaning it – some might be quite surprising.

1) Bedding

Every 3 months or so, you should be washing your bedding, pillows and comforter. You see, whilst you are sleeping, your sweat and oil build up in your pillows, sheets and duvet, so without washing your items, you are essentially sleeping on your own sweat – gross, right? Whether you machine wash or get it professionally washed, clean your bedsheets a little more regularly and do NOT forget those pillows, comforters or anything else not that bed of yours.


Bedding – Cleaning

2) Keyboard

Depending on how much you use it should determine how much and often you should clean your computer’s keyboard. Regardless if you use it for your own leisure, for work or just plain curiosity, you transfer millions of tiny germs onto your keyboard that will stick. So, when you go to use it again later, those germs will move back onto your fingers and transferred to anything you touch. This can cause things like acne – all just because you didn’t clean it. As a result of this, you can clean regularly using a microfibre cloth and some rubbing alcohol, as well as washing your hands before using it.

3) Shower

In rooms such as the bathroom and shower room, the regularly bathing you have makes the environment damp and wet, which is an ideal growing source for mould. To prevent this from happening, do a simple clean at least once a week using the right cleaning equipment and chemicals. In the meantime, after your shower, open the window and dry wet areas with a towel. Also, if you have a fan or some sort of vent, leaving it on for a short duration will allow the humidity to disperse.

4) Towels

Same with the keyboard; depending on how often you use the towels should determine how much and often you should clean. If the towels are getting used daily then you should aim to wash them every two or three uses. In the meantime, dry them on the radiator. On the other hand, things like tea towels and hand towels should be washed every other day at the most, just because they are used a lot more and soak up germs from washed hands and food.


Towels – Cleaning

5) Toilet

The bathroom is probably the ultimate bacteria host of your home – the daily events that go down in that room can adapt to be a five-star hotel for the germs produced in there, ESPECIALLY the toilet. To control the dirtiness of your bog, disinfect the toilet at least once weekly.

6) Your Mobile Phone

Fun fact: for each square inch of your mobile phone lies approximately 25,000 germs, therefore making it one of the dirtiest things you come into contact with on a daily basis. As you know, technology grows more and more advanced, popular and essential to our lives each day, and we tend to use our mobile phones before/during/after we eat, sleep, bathe and clean etc. The large majority of the leftover germs is therefore habited on your mobile device. To clean it, wipe your phone with a microfibre cloth, dosed with rubbing alcohol, this includes the case!


Mobile Phone – Cleaning

7) Fridge & Freezer

This is an important place to clean regularly as it is the all-important storage of your food and drink. If it’s dirty, it can potentially spoil your food and make you poorly. At most, you should be cleaning your fridge and freezer on a monthly basis – i.e. wiping down the door handles and the shelves inside, getting rid of any spills or sticky spots, as well as any expired and unwanted food also.

8) Carpet

Particularly if you own pets, you should be cleaning your carpet monthly. Whilst hoovering once or twice a week keeps the carpet looking exceptionally clean and free of dust and allergens, investing in some carpet cleaner and using it on a monthly basis will keep your home looking fresh and inhabited.


Carpet – Cleaning

9) Oven

Every several months a deep clean of your oven is suggestively due. Whether you do it yourself or get it done professionally, it is essential you keep your oven in a sanitary condition. Leaving the dirt to build up continuously can not only damage the oven itself but cause it to become an not-so ideal environment to prepare food in. As a result of this, wipe any food residue after preparation continuously then give it a proper wipe down once or twice a month!

10) Anything You Hold & Touch Regularly

Finally, in your home you touch all sorts of things everyday, transferring germs to and through the whole property. Here we are talking about doorknobs, bannisters, light switches, door bells, picture frames etc. and genuinely anything that you come in to contact with on a regular basis. It doesn’t matter how often you wash your hands, germs are bound to end up in these places, ESPECIALLY if you have children! It’s simple, wipe down these items every few days with some disinfection wipes, and keep washing those hands!


Door – Cleaning

Happy cleaning! Thanks for reading.